Summer Essentials #4: All About Picnics

Summer is the perfect time for picnics. We absolutely love picnicking, so we’ve complied some of our favorite picnic finds for you.

First up: The Picnic Blanket.

These Steven Alan beach blankets are so cute. They come in amazing colors, are super lightweight, and you can take them to the beach or lay them out on grass at a picnic.

I’m a big fan of the Central Park Outdoor Blanket from Skip*Hop. It all folds neatly into a messenger bag for easy traveling, and the smaller pouch even acts as a cooler for your drinks!

The Drinks!
I’m a big fan of bringing real utensils, cups, and dishes on picnics. I feel like it’s better on the environment, and makes the picnic feel so much more glamorous.

Bring water in these amazing Weck Carafes from Heath Ceramics.

Use glass cups like these from Amazon. They’re thick so they are less likely to break.

The Picnic Basket.
Since we usually pack real utensils, plates, and cups, we tend to bring two picnic baskets. One for the food, and one for the place settings.

I like this Taza Shoulder Strap French Market Basket from Petite Provence.

I’m also a big fan of these Farmer’s Market Totes from Sur La Table. They’re super convenient, and sturdy enough to carry your place settings and a lot of food.

What are your favorite aspects to a picnic? Where is your favorite picnic spot?

Date June 6, 2012

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